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Frequently asked questions

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A behavioral evaluation will be conducted by one of our trained professionals in the wags dog park. Our team will talk with the pet parent about the dogs temperment, health, and history. Once complete the dogs join our members in a seperate room to observe how they react when away from their parent. During this time our staff will conduct a head to tail analysis to identify hot spots to touch taht the dog may have. If a dog is sensitve to touch in an area its not necessarily a problem, but it is important for our staff to be aware of these sensitivities.

After this process we will slowly add new dogs to the area to assess the comfort level of the dog. Our team will observe the dogs body language, and how the dog interacts with the other canines to determine suitability for an open play enviroment.

If for some reason the dog is not yet ready for open play, our staff will recommend steps the parent can take to help adress the observations. Any dog is always welcome to come back for another evaluation after any issues have been adressed.
Dogs in day care, are provided a cool down and lunch break from 12:00PM to 2:00PM. During this time food is prepared exactly as requested by the pet parents request. If no food is provided an in house lunch food will be provided at no extra charge.
We like to focus on the health and safety of all the dogs that come play with us. Our main reason for requiring dogs to be spayed or neutered is to reduce hormones that lead to potential levels of aggression. Hormones can be a trigger point for other dogs to become more aggressive even if the intact dog is peaceful. Additionally, we must consider accidental repoduction concerns for dogs in the play area.
At Wags, your dogs health and safety is our top concern. We have put various protocols to reduce the risk of illness and accidents. To further this we require that all furry friends are up to date on required vaccines. Vaccinations must be given by your veterinarian at least 48 hours before attending Wags.

Rabies, DHPP and Bordatella are the vaccinations we require. We also ask that all dogs are free from any communicable diseases for 30 days prior to daycare or boarding. Below is additional info on the required vaccines:

  • Rabies: Required once before 16 weeks of age for puppies, then given again one year later and then every three years going forward. Dogs are required by law to be vaccinated against the rabies virus because this deadly virus can spread to humans.
  • DHPP (DHLPP)(also called Distemper): Required as a puppy serires begining at 6 - 8 weeks old, boosted at 3-week intervals and again a year later. Like rabies, after the first year, the distemper/parvo combination vaccines in addion to the other vaccines.
  • Bordetella: Required to be current by 12 months from date of vaccine.

  • Canine Influenze (Dog Flue) vaccination is highly recommended for all social dogs. The Dog Flue is a highly contagious virus and the vaccine offers excellent protection.
Home style crates are used during our 12 to 2pm cool down time. This time allows the dog to unwind from play and offers a safe den to rest in. During this me time our staff takes the opportunity to safely dispense food and medication. Similar to children in daycare your dog will easily adapt to the cool down time routine as its the same time every day. During this time all their freinds are enjoying often much-needed down time as well. During this break our staff throughly cleans each playroom to ensure the room is safe and clean before another round of play. Crates are also utilized for overnight boarding generally from 9:30pm to 6:am.
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